Our package includes:

- Ginger and Gilligan white teepee

- Perfectly fitted rug

- Small round table and tray for food and drinks

- Perimeter pillows and scatter cushions

- Waffle blanket and fluffy throws

- Candle lit lanterns

- Sweets and drink of choice


Decadent Platters That Satisfy 

Our platters are locally sourced and are made up of fresh, local ingredients. 


Cheese Platter

Choice of Australian & local cheese including brie, cheddar, camembert or a creamy blue. Crackers and breadsticks, kiwi fruit, grapes, strawberries. Freshly cut green, yellow and red capsicum.


Cheese & Cured Meat Platter

Choice of local & Australian cheeses including brie, camembert, or cheddar. Crackers, cherry tomato, salami, champagne ham, cabanossi. Freshly cut green, yellow and red capsicum.


Fruit Platter

Selection of seasonal fruit, creamy yoghurt and a couple of naughty sweets that we can not resist.

Champagne or Wine... Decisions are tough

What refreshes you? Let us know and we'll make it happen. 

Give your loved one the picnic they've been dreaming of...